Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lindemans Framboise

Usually I’m all about the harsh tart beers. I like the feeling of getting punch in the face the moment the drink touches your face. But there’s a beer that can make non-beer lovers think twice before refusing a beer. Lindeman’s choose to brew from fermenting fruits…in this case raspberries.
Framboise Lambic beer has a rich deep taste which notates the obvious raspberry flavor. It’s strong smell of raspberries hides the sense of alcohol in the drink. This beer is a 2.7% beer alcohol…so don’t expect to get ‘wasted’ anytime soon with it. You usually save this beer for a fancy dinner or for a summer afternoon romantic picnic…Don’t expect to see this beer at a frat boy pool party. Anyways, get this beer and try it out…it’s the ‘gate-way’ drink to Belgian brews… Cheers!

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  1. Pa' jotos, pero buena... pa' jotos finos...


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