Monday, February 6, 2012


Bell’s Brewing Company is simply outstanding. Crafting a beer is a heavy task as it is for a microbrewery, creating something original is whole different story. Usually the taste of a new brewery is ‘good’ but it doesn’t go beyond that. I think what defines a good brewery is the ability to surprise their usual drinkers and achieve a beverage that triggers something in our palate leaving a memory. Oarsman is an example of Bell’s Brewery thinking outside the box. This German Style Ale came from the inspiration of ‘session beers’. “Session drinking” is a term given to basically sitting down and drinking a whole lot of beer during a specific period of time…a session (look it up, I don’t make these things up!). It’s a 4.0% alcohol beer with an incredible punch of flavors. Out of all the savors accomplished in this beer, the one that describes it best is its tartness. A sweet combination of citric flavors and a refreshing high carbonation makes this beer easy to drink. Bell’s Brewery has us all pampered…it’s great to live a few blocks away from it.

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  1. what a strange design, what's supposed to be?
    I wonder how does a citric flavored beer tastes like...


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