Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dirty Bastard

How can a beer with such a name have bad taste? It can’t…All good beers should have filthy names; the better the beer, the filthier the name. Right now I’m coming up with lots of brand names which I’d better not mention for fear of getting arrested or worse…deported.
Well, this beer is exceptionally good. Founders Brewing Company does not stop to impress. It has a dark ruby color with a pleasant smoky smell. One can taste the different varieties of malts and come to adore the elegant hop bitter after-taste. There’s an earthy scotch like tang that denotes the uniqueness of this beer. Soon after I finished my first sample of this beer, I noticed that the alcohol content was inclined towards the high end. Yet it’s pleasingly concealed with-in the flavors and does not leave an ‘alcohol-after-breath’. If you feel dirty, go get this beer…or its older brother; Backwoods Bastard…which is equally great and I will undoubtedly mention soon.



  1. I want something dirty... I want a dirty bastard..

  2. At least is not named dirty sanchez. I'd take a sip from that dirty bastard...


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