Saturday, February 4, 2012

Devil Dancer

This weekend I was working in Muskegon with the West Shore Symphony. On my way there, I always pay tribute to Founder’s Brewery in Grand Rapids. There bottled beer is always amazing…so it’s always a treat to stop for a drink or two. If you’re lucky you can sometimes encounter there Devil Dancer beer on tap. This beer stands out among the Indian Pale Ales…It has a strong taste that you will sure not forget soon. It has all the characteristics of an IPA but with a lingering of roasted malts, somewhat related to the stouts. The aftertaste is almost as incredible as the first sip. At the end you can barely feel the 13% alcohol hidden within so many flavors… until you stand up. This trip to Grand Rapids unfortunately was not the Devil Dancer. So I tried a wonderful beer called Galactic Ale, a wonderful IPA very similar to Red's Rye P.A. Anyway, the first time I saw Devil Dancer at the store I got so excited, I had to take a picture of it…explaining the price markings in the background. If you enjoy drinking IPA’s you will melt to the splendor of this ‘triple IPA’. This beer will get you dancing…

First picture is obviously Devil Dancer, and the second is Galactic Ale at Founder's.

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