Sunday, February 5, 2012


This beer needs no introduction…years and years of an incredible marketing campaign has made Budweiser the most recognizable beer in the market. Being Super Bowl Sunday it seems like a fit occasion to write about the father of all American Lagers. Today the company, known as Anheuser-Busch, focuses mainly on protecting their rights to the name and pays less attention to crafting and improving the product. I bet Anheuser and Busch would probably puke to the taste of what their beer has become.
I can say with no fear…of being sued, that Budweiser has become a ‘cynic’ of brew making. They have lost their original roots with the people and simply try to brainwash them with their fantastic advertisement…who could forget the three frogs? Everyone loves those frogs! But not everyone loves the beer…especially if it tastes like watered down cornflakes. Hops? Malt? I don’t get anything but a carbonated drink with a horrible aftertaste of alcohol. Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday and get some real drinks…


  1. Budweiser is one of the good brand. Budweiser is the world’s largest beer brand with the finest beer ingredients..It's really interesting to see a huge brewing brand like Budweiser experimenting with small batch beers, though with the huge and growing number of genuinely local craft beers.
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