Monday, January 20, 2014

Porkslap Pale Ale

Continuing on the thematic of the hipster like brews; I came across a wonderful specimen of the cheap-canned beer called Porkslap Pale Ale. I think the brewery industry is running out of names to attract the crowds. In any case, Porkslap Pale Ale is not attractive because of its name, but because of its literal graphic translation of it in the cans artwork. Two pigs performing a beautiful and delicate chest-bump…I am certain that somewhere in this image there is a subliminal message to eat bacon.
Butternuts Beer & Ale in Garrettsville NY is doing some fine job marketing their cans to the ‘cool’ vibe of Brooklyn. Hipsters all over the place are screaming to get their porkslap on. Well, let’s hope it lasts, before it goes to mainstream…in any case, I’m sure Butternuts Beer & Ale will come up with something to maintain everyone happy. The beer is quite good for the price it sells for, a nice crispy subtle hoppy ale. If you´re not drunk enough when your drinking this, you might even feel a touch of pork…I mean ginger. 

Just wanted to put up this video that shows some of the wonderful examples of beer names...hipsters love their beer and so do I.


You might recognize Steve Kardynal for his work as Miley

Monday, January 13, 2014

Name Tag Classic

When you live in Brooklyn, there are a few things aspects of life that you cannot avoid. Some of these include getting sick eating “Chinese” food, going to parties three or four subways away, going to hipster-like parties, and drink beer from cans. Drinking beer from cans was popularized in Brooklyn by the “I’m-not-a-hipster” crowd. It probably started by people purchasing the cheapest beers at their closest ‘bodega’ stores. (Beer is not cheap in NY). This hipster-like trend has evolved since it started a few years ago, and Pabst Blue Ribbon lager beers now have many competitors in the area. Not only are breweries selling their beers very cheap, they are attracting the mobs with simple logos and more importantly; better quality beer.

Name Tag Classic is a very light lager type of beer; refreshing, crisp and cheap. I don’t think I could say much about it. I found it in the heart of grocery shopping stores Trader Joe’s. Honestly, I only picked it up because it was really cheap…something like 5 bucks for a six pack. Paying 5 dollars for six beers in New York is a great deal, considering that you are likely to pay that same price for the shittiest beer at your local bar. I am not encouraging to buy this beer, if you have some money, spend an extra couple bucks in something better, but if your wallet is thin, go for it. Regret nothing.

Brooklyn Graffiti art for your enjoyment.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

The one thing I love about the versatility about beer is that you can pair it to an occasion. The most common would probably be the big parties where everyone is drinking for the sake of getting drunk. Getting shitfaced is a defense mechanism; lubricating our social fa├žade in order to hide the awkwardness of what electronic social media has done to us. Most of these occasions lead to being able to communicate better with people, and that is the positive part of drinking socially. The beers in this social imaginary landscape are perhaps accompanied with the lighter ‘piss’ tasting lagers, PBR’s, Budweiser’s, Tecate, etc. As much as I love these kinds of gatherings, I rather pair my beer with smaller companies that appreciate the beauties of this elixir.
Brooklyn Brewery has a good selection of beers. I usually avoid them, not because of their overall quality, but because I am still nostalgic for Midwestern brews. My first positive local beer experience has been Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout. Though still a bit light in taste to my palate, I am starting to understand these subtleties of east coast beer drinking. Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout is a winter seasonal that packs a nice 10% ABV. And even though, you can drink it as lightly as any other beer. In the taste you can feel the chocolate blend with the different malts. The beer goes down easily and in company a six pack can last a little more than an hour.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sacred Cow IPA

I’ve in New York for the past two months and the beer culture is growing faster than ever. I can see how all my favorite Michigan beers are starting to creep over to the East side. It was not even a week ago that I saw Founders on the shelves at the corner store.  I also heard that Dragons Milk (New Holland Brewery) is showing up in some of the Whole Foods stores.
Just when I was beginning to feel nostalgic, Michigan beers find me and relinquish the sentiment.
Before I forget, before I left Michigan I had a Sacred Cow IPA. Arbor brewing Co. has a wide variety of drinks and their facilities are quite awesome. The first time I tried Sacred Cow it was on tap from the brewing company itself, and what from I can still remember it was very good. When I saw it in the fridges, I opted to say farewell from Michigan with a symbolic gesture. A cow resembling an Indian Goddess, posing meditatively emanating an aura of peace and love is portrayed on the front cover. For a moment one would expect to be enlightened upon the first sip; but nirvana does not seem to arrive lightly…maybe after a few six-packs.
The beer is well balanced and tasty. it has a nice hop aroma, citrusy notes…definitely some grapefruit.
This beer is not infused with curry flavors or exotic spices, but the taste is good. If you see it, try it out.

Ok, enough nostalgia, lets drink all the beer in New York..

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Uncle Steve’s Irish Stout

I think I will keep this post nice and short.

I’ve been preparing for a long journey consisting of moving away from Michigan for the last couple months. One of the activities that I know I will miss the most, will be drinking Michigan beer. 

As I scrolled down thru the endless picture gallery of all the beers that I’ve drank, I noticed that I don't have enough time to write about every single beer I drink…If my calculations are correct, I've been posting one beer for every 20ish new beers that I have. Anyways, as I scrolled down, my attention was aimed towards a funny little leprechaun riding a cat. Yup, a leprechaun…riding…a cat. Though the beer is obviously crafted for the joys of Saint Patrick’s Day, I decided to share it, because it put a smile on my face...because of the leprechaun riding a cat.

Short’s Brewery never ceases to amaze me with their catchy names and their brilliant beers. Uncle Steve’s Irish Stout is a well-rounded beer that makes the top commercial ‘brands’ taste like piss. Its beautiful dark color and soft head, effervescently smooth to the palate, brings out wonderful delicate flavors of dark chocolate, coffee and a light hint of smoky zest. A creamy, yet fizzly pour lingers with all the flavors as it easily seems to consume itself…
Can’t wait for the season to be back so Short’s Brewery can bring back more of the magical leprechaun.


(If anyone is willing to draw a variety of a leprechaun riding a cat, I will upload it to the website)